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5. Needed files

Here you will find the types of Images we are looking for!

We have a great demand for qualitative and unusual Images, and we hope that this part will inspire you to make them!

Corporate style.

Bosses and secretaries, business-meetings and presentations, flirting and a cup of coffee spilled over an expensive suit.

People groups.

Rock groups and family portraits, bride parades and zombie walks, children playing in a garden and friend parties – the key is, learn to arrange many people in a shot!

Original subjects.

We are waiting for odd and unique subjects!

It is great if you could see something nobody noticed!


Single or group shot, running in a park or professional tournament – be prepared to focus quickly!


Next New Year or Birthday of your grand-mom take a camera with you – just do not forget about Model Release, though!


Fashion shows and backstage, high heels and girls in haute couture attire – a good occasion to make acquaintance with supermodels!


Do you see the unique window ice?
And the extraordinary structure of your hand under the microscope?
We are interested, too!

Rare objects.

Do not hurry to get rid of old and unnecessary things, their Images might have a great success!

Food and drinks.

Shoot them separately or in a real environment with people.
Just do not eat before you finish shooting!


Visit a greenhouse or take a picture of roses your mother grows!


Pay attention so that none of animals suffer during shooting!

Computers and hardware.

If you do not want to leave your work place to search for an interesting subject, you can find one right there!


Turn away from your PC and visit a park nearby or Amazon forests!
We are interested in both!


Sunset and clouds.

We accept these stunning views, but will soon stop once we have them enough!
Hurry up!

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